July 28, 2021

SEO For Business

In this modern market and new ways to consume, Internet presence became a necessity for any business. The above, reports much more work than the simple creation of a web page with corporate data of the company. Over 1000 million sites are hosted on the Internet with which you have to compete to achieve visibility. And it is at this point that SEO takes on great importance. An SEO strategy for companies is crucial for the development of any business. But before going on to understand how it will help, it is highly recommended to know what it is and how it works. If you are looking for some genuine answering for SEO for my business, then you are the right place!

What is SEO?

They are the abbreviations of “SearchEngineOptimization”. And it is translated as “search engine optimization”. The concept refers to a series of techniques and practices aimed at making your website better classified in the results of organic searches, that is, those that users do from search engines such as Google, Mozilla, and others, and where they expect to obtain information. Or more qualified content regarding the search they perform.

How do search engines work?

The objective of search engines is to provide the user with a compilation of results as accurate as possible regarding their query. To do this, they use a series of algorithms or bots that run the entire web in seconds, analyze each of the URLs of the different sites and, based on some 200 classification factors, index the contents that, in their “judgment”, respond to the search made. SEO for my business is very vast. Let us see what we can find!

Among the elements that it takes into account for the classification of results, it is worth mentioning:

  • The content of the site
  • The link structure of the website
  • The loading speed of the page
  • The coherence of the keywords
  • The geographical location of the user
  • Mobile optimization
  • The links to social networks

All the components that the search engines take into account when classifying the results are aimed at optimizing the user experience. That is, their objective in addition to delivering content with the theme they seek is to take them to sites where browsing is not frustrating.

How can SEO help your business?

One thing to keep in mind is that, for example, every year, more than 2 trillion searches are made in Google. Consequently, for every minute that passes without executing an SEO strategy for companies, you lose thousands of chances that a considerable percentage of prospects will enter your website, read your content, know your brand and buy your products and/or services. Optimizing the contents of a website for search engines is the same as being able to be visible to thousands of potential customers, and susceptible to being converted into buyers. However, there are some other ways in which web positioning helps your company, obviously related to visibility and not less important.

SEO for my business – how it works:

Remember when advertising on mass distribution channels was the sole property of corporations with huge budgets for marketing? Fortunately, that time is coming to an end and the Internet is configured as a medium in which anyone can make a presence and capture the attention of their target audience at a fairly affordable price. SEO helps you achieve it. By positioning your site, you can execute inbound marketing strategies that will allow you to publicize the brand and direct your potential customers towards certain conversions.

In summary, an SEO strategy for companies will allow you to be seen by prospects who, otherwise, would never have known about the existence of your business. In addition, it lays the foundations for the execution of inbound campaigns and will help you create better user experiences for the client. Think of it this way: when positioning your website you do not optimize only for the search engines, you do it for your own benefit.

Kennedy Summer School

Kennedy Leadership Forum Launched for JFK50 New Ross

The first Kennedy Leadership Forum is due to take place in New Ross over the June bank-holiday weekend ahead of the JFK50 events on June 22.

The Leadership Forum will take place at St. Michael’s Theatre in New Ross from May 31 to June 2.

The forum events are free of charge.Speakers across the three days will include Cathal Goan, Louis de Paor, Nora Casey, Declan Kearney, Matt English, Caitriona Fottrell, Deirdre Garvey, Damien Richardson, Nickey Brennan, Mike Cronin, John Buckley, Maurice Devlin, Michael Barron and George Hook.


On Friday, May 31 the forum will examiner leadership in sport Nickey Brennan, former GAA President, Kilkenny Hurler and executive at hugely successful Glanbia along with Damien Richardson the former manager and TV soccer pundit will discuss ‘what makes a good sporting leader’.

On Saturday June 1st from 10am to noon the topic of youth leadership will be at the fore. Maurice Devlin, Jean Monnet Professor and Director of the Centre will join John Buckley, Youth Engagement Officer from Spun out for Youth Research and Development, NUIM and Michael Barron, Director, BeLonG To. This session is aimed at young people and those who parent them and work with them. The panel will discuss developing Ireland’s youth debates circle around the need for strong role models, for support, opportunity and for leadership.

This Leadership program will be focusing on developing human skill in the field of quality content writing, it will also focus on Culture and Business.

Leadership in Culture and in Business

On Saturday afternoon ‘Leadership in Culture and in Business’ will be discussed by Cathal Goan, former Director General of RTE and Professor of Media, University of Notre Dame, Louis de Paor, Poet, translator, documentary maker and head of Irish Studies, NUI Galway, Nora Casey Newstalk & Harmonia Publishing, Declan Kearney, Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Aer Lingus and broadcaster and rugby pundit George Hook.

Closing the weekend of leadership discussion will be leaders in the community. Caitriona Fottrell, Irish Head of the American Ireland Funds and Deirdre Garvey, Chief Executive Officer, The Wheel, will join Matt English CEO Special Olympics Ireland. This session will discuss the incredible network of community, not for profit and voluntary organizations that span a wide array of fields in Ireland and focus on the skills needed to motivate and lead people in the community, as opposed to profit.

The Kennedy Leadership Forum will take place ahead of the towns planned celebrations for the JFK50, which will take place on June 22 marking the memory and visit of President John F. Kennedy to his ancestral hometown.

Kennedy Legacy Forum

New Ross Town Council, in partnership with Boston College, are in the process of developing the Kennedy Legacy Forum which will promote the ideals and legacy of the Kennedy’s through educational initiatives.

It is envisaged that the Kennedy Legacy Forum events will run throughout the year, with the first of these events already scheduled to take place from 31st May – 2nd June, 2013.

Mission Statement

“To inspire civic leadership through; Promotion, Empowerment and Development”


The goal of the Kennedy Legacy Forum will be to promote the ideals and legacy of the Kennedys through educational initiatives. Empower and Develop an active citizenship programme that encompasses the philosophy of the New Frontier.


The Kennedy Legacy Forum will establish partnerships with key academic institutions of Ireland, the United States and Europe. The establishment of this partnership will bring an international dimension to the Summer School and will encourage the sharing of ideas, experience and resources.

Tomorrows Leaders

The Kennedy Legacy Forum will actively engage with second level students in a programme of civic and political science, which will afford the participants an opportunity to develop their interest and experience as young leaders.

The Kennedy Legacy Forum will be a vehicle for scholarly debate, peer development and shared learning.


The Kennedy Legacy Forum , through its three pillars of Promotion, Empowerment and Development, will continue the leadership legacy of the Kennedy’s.  Honouring the memory of a family, which has its origins in New Ross, that went on to inspire the world.

The Homecoming 2

The New Ross Town Council was announced as the national winner of the Gathering Ireland 2013 – County Gathering of the Year category. The Homecoming event won a fiercely contested category.

The Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards are run in conjunction with the Department of Environment.

The award was graciously accepted on behalf of New Ross Town Council by an Cathaoirleach, Cllr Niamh FitzGibbon and Town Manager, Eamonn Hore.

Also in attendance on Wednesday 13th November, at the Award Ceremony in Dublin were Cllr Michael Sheehan and Town Clerk, Anthony Bailey.

Congratulations to all those involved in the Homecoming Event.

Gathering Event – June 22nd

In June 1963, President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, global inspirational leader, returned to the nation of his forebears and his ancestral home in New Ross, Wexford and ignited the spirit of a nation.



3.15 p.m. The Homecoming Parade begins its journey through the streets of New Ross
5.00 p.m. Homecoming Parade finishes on Quay
5.15 p.m. Guests of Honour arrive
5.40 p.m. Reception of An Taoiseach – Guard of Honour by Naval Service
6.00 p.m. The Ceremony of the Emigrant Flame commences with guests of honour An Taoiseach, Endy Kenny, T.D.,  Caroline Kennedy & Jean Kennedy Smith
6.05 p.m. Flame is taken from Naval Vessel LE Orla and brought to Kennedy Monument where it remains until final act of ceremony
6.15 p.m. Invited artists, performers, interviewees will take to the stage including, Anne Doyle, George Hook, Colm Toibin, Judy Collins, Michael Flatley, Michael Londra, Extreme Rhythm and New Ross and District Pipe Band.
7.30 p.m. The Torch is transferred along boardwalk to Emigrant Memorial.  This transfer of the Flame will be performed by Special Olympic Athletes and other representatives of Community/Local Government.  The Emigrant Flame will be lit by An Taoiseach, Caroline Kennedy and Jean Kennedy Smith.
7.40 p.m. Closing speeches by An Taoiseach and Caroline Kennedy and/or Jean Kennedy Smith
7.55 p.m. Close of Ceremony 

50 years on New Ross celebrates and remembers this momentous occasion in Ireland’s social and political history and realises the possibility inspired by President Kennedy during his visit to New Ross.  The town realises John F. Kennedy’s dream of returning to Ireland by bringing The Eternal Flame from the Arlington Cemetery in Washington home to Ireland, to burn forever brightly on the newly developed quayside at New Ross.

The day begins with the Homecoming Parade; a community based street theatre performance celebrating the emigrants’ story. The Parade leads to New Ross Quayside where an Taoiseach Enda Kenny, T.D will officially open the New Ross Quayside development for Quality Contents and unveil the Kennedy Trail.

The starting point of the Kennedy Trail will be the lighting of the Emigrants Flame concluding ‘the journey’ of The Gathering Torch to New Ross.

Opening of the Kennedy Homestead – Official opening of the Kennedy Homestead Visitor Centre at Dunganstown by Taoiseach Enda Kenny T.D.

Visit by An Taoiseach to JFK Arboretum, JFK Arboretum Tree planting ceremony in remembrance of the JFK visit to Ireland in 1963.

It is hoped that the events, such as bringing home the Gathering Torch will, recall the JFK homecoming in 1963 and how that visit captivated the spirit of a nation; honour John F. Kennedy’s memory and his inspirational leadership; create a sense of place for visitors to the Kennedy Homestead and lineage in Dunganstown; reignite the potential of Ireland’s global reach through its Diaspora; remember and mark the tragedy of his untimely death in November 1963, and create a tangible legacy of the 1963 visit for a global audience.

The New Face Of Transportation Technology

This era is being driven by technology. Well now, this statement is going to be literally true with the emerging new technology of driverless lorries. Or more appropriately I should say, self-driving lorries.

These trucks are going to be a revolution in the history of transportation services. Not only will they increase the efficiency of the transportation services but they will also prove to be fuel savers. A point which the world is desperately in need of. These robotically managed lorries can ease the human’s work for him. This man-machine combination could go a long way if properly handled.

What is meant by Driver-less lorries:

Driverless lorries mean that there will be a platoon of trucks, the first one being driven by a human. The rest of the trucks will automatically follow the first one and be driven robotically. They are the new face of transportation services and if the project succeeds, it will be a huge milestone for the transportation services worldwide.

How can lorries be self-driven?

When writing about info on driverless lorries, the first question that comes to mind is what exactly do you mean by driverless lorries? The common man, like you, and like me, will not comprehend that how a lorry can just drive on its own? After all, this is not something that you could do in a closed four-wall scenario, driving lorries is the work of open roads, with traffic and real people around them. Then how can a robotic lorry be so efficient that it can drive on its own while not putting risk to the people and the general public around it?

The answer to this is quite simple. The driverless lorries work like a convoy. They travel in platoons, only the first placed truck in the platoon will be man-driven. The rest of them robotically follow the man driver’s lorry and they will do exactly the same driving actions like their leader human truck does! You see, even with self-driving lorries, man is the leader!

How do they work?

Let’s talk about how these lorries work and gather more info on driverless lorries. All the buses in the convoy are connected by Wi-Fi. This way all of their actions are cooperated and synchronized. If the leader truck applies brakes, all of the lorries will follow the leader truck and apply brakes equal in intensity. Change of acceleration and direction in the leader truck will be immediately followed by both of the other robotics trucks in the platoon.

Transport research laboratory:

The government has given the contract of this project to one of the mainstream transportation companies well known as Transport Research Laboratory – The future of transportation. They are going to perform the trials on the automated platooning.

Testing the driverless lorries:

The tests will take place in three stages. The first stage will only be the test drive. Where the platoons will be driven on test roads and routes. Without any traffic or real life public.

The next stage will be, where the convoy will be taken out on the real roads with real traffic. But only on selected routes and for a selected period of time. It has been announced that the real road tests will be performed on motorways or any other major road.

Helping the traffic and fuel consumption:

Let’s gather some more info on driverless lorries and see if they are really going to help with the traffic congestion. It has been established that these lorries can help in reducing congestion and work to create better road situations. But can this really work on the streets of UK or not, this is a question that is yet to be answered. Another aim in mind was fuel saving. These convoys can help reduce the fuel consumption by 10% and therefore it can prove to work wonder for our generation, and the generations to come! Reducing the fuel consumption, on a bigger level is something we should collectively work on for the better environment and a better future!

Could this mean a rise in unemployment?

As quickly and as widely the info on driverless lorries is spreading, another question that is arising is that, do driverless lorries mean a rise in unemployment? Will they leave the truck drivers jobless? By what we understand, this is not a great risk, because driverless lorries mean new technologies, new advancements, and new setups. There will be new slots available that can be filled in by the professional drivers who know the business, and are in love with their trucks!

A combination of three:

The driverless lorries will be put to work by the combination of three different companies. The manufacturers, the software providers, and the company that will be operating the whole system. It means that three different companies will work on this amazing project.

In case of an accident, however, it is said that the manufacturer will take more responsibility than the other ones because the trucks are being operated automatically. Which means, any fault resulting in an accident or a mishap, is more a fault of the manufacturer than being a fault of the driver.

How efficient will it prove to be:

While we can easily see that the driverless platoons can travel in deserted areas during the trials and tests. They can be driven on roads where no one has any business, but can they work efficiently on motorways and other busy roads where the traffic is real and where the people are real? Could this man-machine combination work in real life environment or is it just a showpiece for the empty roads? That is yet to be seen.…


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