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Are the kamikoto knifes worth the prices – The review of Kamikoto knifes


The Japanese tradition of crafting blades has been in use for 10 years. It began in Japan in the Muromachi era. The kamikoto knife review say that the manufacturers have replenished this art of making knives. They have modernised the older forms and made the traditional way of making knives trendy. The company began making knives as a family business by the ladies of the house. The steel was sourced from Honshu, Ibaraki, Niigata and Kanagawa. The knives gained the popularity when they started to supply to the Japanese navy

The kamikoto knife review says that the knives are pretty famous for their rounded edges. Unlike other companies that rely on the technology, Kamikoto relies on dedicated artisans. This provides a traditional fine edge. The company details its crafting procedure and puts in great effort in building a knife. Thought the art of kamikoto knives making finds its roots in Japan they are manufactured in China.

Crafting the kamikoto knives

  • They hire many craftsmen in building the aesthetic look to their knives
  • The first craftsman forges the initial raw shape. The next craftsman polishes and carves in more detailed lines
  • Apart from the care given in crafting the knives, the company takes great efforts to make high quality boxes to wrap the knives
  • The boxes are made of natural ash wood with certificates of authentication


The steel from the regions of Japan are usually of high quality. This is mainly because the region is prone to volcanoes. So one can surely be confident of buying good quality steel knife if his choice is kamikoto. However, the sharpness of the knives is not as good as the high carbon stainless steel knives.

The sharpness of both the high carbon knives and the steel knives are all the same when they are new. However, the high carbon knives lose their sharpness faster when compared to the steel knives. But the high carbon knives can be re – sharpened to their original state which is not possible with the steel knives

Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set

  • It comes in ash wood box. It has a vegetable knife which is 7 inches long, slicing knife is 8.5 inches long and a small utility knife which is 5 inches long.
  • Usually the Kanpeki knives are double bladed, but this set has knives whose blades are single sided allowing better control to every cuts made.
  • They can be very well used to cut vegetables, meat and other sophisticated cuts
  • The 7 inch Nakiri knife resists corrosion. Therefore it is easy to clean
  • These knives are little heavy than the traditional characteristic weightless knives.
  • The handle has reserved lines, solid black handles
  • When they are placed in a buffet, they are well suited for an aesthetic display along with apples and other fruits.

Kamikoto 7 inches Santoku chef knife

  • The Santoku knives are close to Kamikoto as the santoku knives find their birth place in Japan
  • The company has been manufacturing santoku knives for several decades.
  • The santoku knives have tapering ground on one side and hollow on the other side. This increases the precision and gives more control to the user.
  • The santoku knife comes with a tight grip handle for increased safety. The handle is attractive with a semi polished surface to keep the hands of the user away from cutting blades
  • The blades have satin finished surface giving a glittering look an aesthetic appearance

Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife set with wooden display stand

  • It is an ideal home decor that gives and appealing look when displayed on the table.
  • This set has 2 knives, where one is 10 inches in length and the other is 5.5 inches in length
  • The 10 inch knives are well suited to cut watermelons and other fruits. The knives are also useful in making intricate pattern on the fruits. This aids in displaying desserts.
  • The 5.5 inch knives are well suited for chopping larger fruits.
  • The knives are weightless and easy to carry
  • The handles have a tight grip preventing the hands from slipping.
  • However apart from the technicalities of the knives, the stand out feature is its sand. The stand when displayed on the table gives a good aesthetic look.
  • The handles are very thick which is deviant from the traditional knives. However the knives would provide sure jealous comments from the guests when displayed on the table.

Kamikoto Kensei knife set

  • The design is based on the fact that it is built from the Honshu knife crafting tradition.
  • The set has 2 knives namely 6.5 inches boning knife and 9.5 inches Kiritsuke knife.
  • The Kiritsuke knife is imbibed in the Honshu culture. Honshu is located near the sea. And is therefore home to fisheries and shacks. This led to the Kensei knives to evolve along with the culture of Honshu, a steel manufacturing area.
  • The steel used is light. However, the knives are weighted to balance for the optimal handling during their use. They ideally grew for processing fish.
  • Though the knives are light, they give good grip and are sharp and robust

The price paid

  • With such a long tradition, the price paid should definitely be little high as compared to the commercial knives.
  • They are expensive than the Yoshihiro knives that are in the same business of manufacturing traditional knives.
  • Never consider the question of authenticity as they are manufactured in China.
  • The traditional look of the knives is definitely worth the price being paid. It is a good home decor, solving the purpose simultaneously!