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How Best To Handle The Cleaning And Reusing Smart Pots


The benefits of the smart pot are being enjoyed by many gardeners today. It gives the roots of the plants the needed exposure to oxygen and goes on to “air prune” the roots. The advantage of air pruning of the roots leads to multiple lateral roots thereby enhancing the entire root structure with the ability to lead to greater yield. The economic meltdown affecting the world economy has made it mandatory for people to look inwards towards making some gains.

After the cannabis fabric pots has completed its circle and the harvest has been made, do you know that the smart pot can still be of use to you for yet another cycle of cannabis planting? Many out there are not aware of this; you will be better informed after reading through this article.

Let The Container Dry Out Completely

The first thing to do after the harvest is to allow the container to dry out completely. This is necessary for other to erase every trace of the previous planting because you have to start the process afresh. Remove all the trace of the medium from the container and leave it out in a place where there is a low humidity for a day a two so that it will completely dry out. When you want to begin action after it has dried; make sure that every trace of the medium; root debris and the rest are removed from the cannabis fabric pots. When you have certified it dry; rub off all traces debris as much as possible; when you are done, then you can conveniently move on to the next stage-sterilizing the smart pot.

The Process Of Sterilization

The next line of action is to sterilize the smart pot. The aim is to get rid of bacteria in the pot. Therefore, the sterilizing solution of your choice should be the one that has the ability to kill all the hidden bacteria in the pot that came with the harvest of the previous batch. Get a standard bleach solution that will effectively do the job because this important if you want the smart port to produce a result like the brand-new model.

It is important to rinse the cannabis fabric pots thoroughly in a way that all the residuals of the sterilization process will be clinically gotten rid of. If you have a large smart pot to deal with; it is economical to save costs by making use of a laundry mat for the sterilization process. Every trace of soil should be removed before taking the smart pot to the laundry mat. If you cannot afford a washing machine; then soak the pot in a container for sterilization; then shake it vigorously to get it perfectly sterilized.

Allow The Drying Process To Take A Natural Process

If you want excellent results; then you have to play strictly by the rules. This is where many people get it wrong. This is the urge to take the smart pot directly from the sterilization point straight to the garden. It will not work in that way. You have to give allowance for the pot to dry naturally. Do not use any form of technology to have the pot dried if you do not want to ruin the chances of getting the benefits back from the used pot. Give it enough space of about two days to dry completely by natural means. When you have patiently ensured that, then you can move to the next stage.

For Gardeners Who Experience Excess Salt Build Up

If you experienced a proven excess salt build-up in your pot; then you have to take a different approach if you are to prepare the cannabis fabric pots effectively for re-use. The process is akin to the sterilization process; only this time, you will be required to use a vinegar water solution. Soak the salt-encrusted Smart Pot in a vinegar-water solution for some hours to allow for maximum effects. The process will break up the salt, and then go on to remove it from the fabric of the pot. After you are through with the process, follow the same of the routine of rinsing the pot thoroughly and give it allowance to dry naturally before putting it back to further re-use.

There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

The concept of the Smart Pot is built to last. The average life span is put at nothing less than five years. If you take it through the process of cleaning for more than say four times; you have nothing to lose. But you have to follow the steps advised above. Never be in a rush to get started again with the cannabis fabric pots; allow it to naturally dry on its own; all things being equal, you will get back your pot in a perfect condition ready to go.

You have nothing to fear about the abuse of use and reuse of your smart pot because they are solid in construction and have the ability to withstand the rigors of soaking in detergent and sterilization and washing to remove all the debris.

You may experience the ugly situation of the falling apart of the component parts of other fabric containers during the cleaning process, you will not experience this with the Smart Pot fabric container. It holds strong and you will be able to use it time overtime again.


From the facts above, it can be easily seen that the process of getting the cannabis fabric pots washed for re-use is very simple. This is an economical way of getting the best out of your model even after using it repeatedly. If you want to get that best yield from your weed farm at a reduced cost; then go over the tips above again and apply every step of the process and you will reclaim back your Smart Pot in the clean start. Be patient to follow all the steps without missing any of the critical steps and you will get results that will bring the smiles to your face.…